Our Mission

It is "Our Mission" to remind people in our communities that there are effective, safe, practical and proven Scientific and Holistic solutions to release trauma.    

Our Purpose

It is "Our Purpose" to provide sessions and training for people seeking a Holistic Approach to caring for their health. This being accessible as stand alone methods or in conjunction with medical treatments.

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is Scientific and is integrated with Spiritual energy therapy and based on Rapid Eye Movement (REM). When we simulate the REM state, while you are awake, we are able to access and release past hurts. These painful patterns of unfinished business from the past may be trapped traumas. Their associated emotions are held within cell memory. The memories and subconscious beliefs are often at the roots of patterns of pain and struggle which may show up in any area of your life. 

This method includes such techniques as eye movement, blinking, visualization and body learning activities or exercises all designed to assist you to release patterns of imbalance, in subtle energies, stored in your body and replace them with new ones that serve you better.

  1. Rapid Eye Technology facilitates release through a safe and natural process of emotional discharge that seems to simulate REM sleep, while awake.
  2. A technical, educational and spiritual model of releasing trapped trauma and associated stress. During the Rapid Eye Technology session a client returns to a state of balance - light/dark/light/dark. It also accesses undesired patterns in the DNA cells and releases them.
  3. Our natural ability to discharge emotional issues with our eyes has only recently become accepted by the medical community. They refer to this release as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).
  4. The other half of Rapid Eye Technology is the cognitive re-patterning, through the Skills for Life Program. These Skills are based on Seven (7) Universal Principles.
  5. Much, much more ..